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  • Inspiration: Member - Management

    I have a little problem to tackle. With scriptcase, I am not yet 100% sure which way to approach and have now hoped for some guidance or basic ideas.

    The following scenario takes place: I have some members of our club who regularly pay a monthly fee. If they don't show up however, they don't have to pay for a month.

    Thus I have 3 tables:
    - A member table (ID, Membername, ....)
    - A fee table with all bookings regarding the members with a foreign key to the member table
    - An exemption table with a foreign key on the member table and a second column with the month (format YYYY-MM).

    My goal is to fill the third table in an elegant way where I can choose a member and add a new exemption but also to see and edit previous entries.

    I suppose I need a grid first with showing the exemption table (with a relation to the members) and to have a master / detail form for editing and adding data.
    Do you have another approach? Is there an example out there among those plenty demo scriptcase applications?

    Thank you and best regards,