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Budgeting data gathering cycle

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  • Budgeting data gathering cycle

    Dear all,

    I've to start a project about the data gathering from sales persons who have to declare the budget targets for incoming year.
    I got several dimensions to manage (division, brand, customer, representant, category , commercial line,.... product etc).
    They can insert detailed or not data starting from an overall value for each customer till to define a very detailed product item and quantity.
    I need to make a kind of form very easy to manage giving information about the revenues done in previous year as example of values.
    I'm wondering if anybody has done this kind of application and if there are some pitfalls to avoid in advance.

    I also thought to use Google sheet but I don't have any control on data inserted. There is also the problem to read that data directly .
    Any suggestion is wellcome

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    Well that sounds rather unspecified. I see it this way.
    You have the following things (which will become tables): salespersons, budget targets per year, division, brand, customer, representant, ....
    So I'd make a table salesperson, and budgettarget with a year field, division, brand, customer with its data, etc...
    It sounds more like a basic application to me, you just need to grab a big sheet of paper and draw out the tables and columns.
    So this is typically something for scriptcase, all you need to do is to get your datamodel right and you then have done the biggest thing.
    Do remember to put the administration tables there as well. Pitfalls should appear already in your data model.
    You should be able to derive the data model for a great deal from the actual data already being used. It sounds pretty standard.


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      Thanks RR,
      yes I know what you said.
      It's a bit more complex than I explained.
      By the way I can try to arrange a form editable grid and test if it can be flexible enough for my purpouses.

      Meanwhile yesterday I did also a small model with Google Sheets ad shared sales people data entry sheet, Excel as consolidation and Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) that is not so bad ... ;-)