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  • Aligning Fields

    How do we align fields on a form, I've played with the CSS but it's driving me nuts trying to get everything aligned correctly.

    In the field settings I'm adjusting the CSS, I've tried xxxpx and xxx%, px does nothing and % seems to adjust more than the coloum I'm attempting to adjust.

    While SC is really good it could do with making simple things such as form layout so much easier, it's frustrating me beyond an annoyance

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    You can use blocks to improve layout in form, though it's not perfect. See image I created for explanation.

    Unfortunately, when you have for example 2 fields and a wide application (i.e. 1200px) then the 2 fields are spread over the entire area of 1200px. Anyone have a solution for this? width % doesn't seem to work for me. Only workaround I have is add an extra column in the block and put a dummy (hidden) item in this column to fill the space (play width dummy field width).
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