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Simple :( Start a form without old database entrys

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  • Simple :( Start a form without old database entrys

    Hy forum and scriptcase user,

    i am a new scriptcase user from germany and i have one question.
    I think it is for any here very simple, but not for me as beginner.

    And sorry for my english.

    I have build my first form and it starts anytime with an old database entry that i have
    saved before.

    I need this form at startup without old entrys, just the same as the klick on "new".

    That its. I hope anybody can help me.


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    There are some ways to do this. Where are you calling this form, from a menu? Grid? Its an sc_redir from code?

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      If you dont need the navigation buttons (next, prev and number of entries and such) just remove the navigation options from the toolbar (left menu > Toolbar) and you wont get the previous entries from the database.

      The "fanciest" way would be to force the app to start in "insert" mode.

      check the sc_apl_conf macro for details. with this, you can force the app to start in "new entry" mode
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        There's a better way without custom code: In your application in the left pane go to Application -> Navigation -> toggle the value in radio button "Return After Inserting". That should do the trick.


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          Hello and thank you for your tips.
          It took some time but now will start my form as a data entry form, as I would like.

          Now I must the next few days input many fields and then to integrate even counter fields.

          But I'll get back again if it does not work well.

          Thanks so much and best regards from Germany