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Wrap text value in grid

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  • Wrap text value in grid

    Anyone knows how to wrap the text in grid without having to contain '<br>'? Like in excel?
    I have set the fixed grid column width. And set the Line Break to Yes. But the value still extends the grid width beyond control.

    It really messed up the layout...

    Thanks and regards,

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    There is a tinymce setting see here:
    You just need to figure out exactly where to set it.
    I havent delved enough into how scriptcase integrated it.


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      So I found that if we make a standard grid, the text got automatically wrapped. But when we put a nested grid, the nested one didn't get wrapped.

      Now I'm more confused. scriptcase-error.4.PNG


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        Yes, i can confirm this => bug!
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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          So this issue not fix fix by scriptcase yet?


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            I am having the same problem now and am on 9.2 with the latest updates....seems bug has been reintroduced. Grid on its own fits in the window, but when I add it as a nested grid, does not wrap at all and goes way off the screen. The master application is the same way in these pics. Both fit fine on their own, but when building a nested grid, the width settings are no longer adhered to.



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              in my example it works fine. Set the statusLog field to 100 width. In nested view below it show the asked width. So I think to problem can be solved by setting the correct settings