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I want to hide the "Detail" icon (Magnifying glass) column

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  • I want to hide the "Detail" icon (Magnifying glass) column

    Using SCv6 6.00.018

    The query I use for my grid is an aggregate: Field1, Field2, Count(Field2)... GROUP BY 1,2 grid comes out correctly, and there are no details, (even tho I was forced to select some detail fields by SC or it would not compile) ... so now there is a Detail icon column (which doesn't work if you click it). I don't want that Detail column to be visible. How do I get rid of it?

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    Re: I want to hide the "Detail" icon (Magnifying glass) column

    In "Settings" -> "Grid" uncheck "Detail". Done.


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      Hi, I'm a newbie using v8 - can't find where to hide the "detail" icon in my grid. Looks like it's been moved in this version? Can anyone point me in the right direction please ;-) Thanks!


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        go to grid modules, then you see all the tabs. One of them is detail, just uncheck.
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