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  • XML output/report

    When I generate via report output an XML I get this message on top of a list:

    "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below"

    Anybody an idea how to influence the XML-output in a format I need. Perhaps a small example and where to put

    Thanks, Bert

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    The message appears because you are opening it in IE. As it is raw xml you need to have a valid xml viewer bound to the xml viewer like pdf is bound to a pdf viewer. If you want to present an xml file in IE then it expect it to have xslt information.
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      My xml is bound to an xml-viewer/editor.

      But I want to realize an output like this:

      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
      <ArchiveBatch xmlns:xsi=''>
      <CreateTime>27-9-2012 12:30:19</CreateTime>

      I have to put some style information somewhere.
      So when I construct a xslt and put it in the map C:\Program Files\NetMake\v7\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third\ezx ml
      would that help? Of course the tags and fields should have the same name.



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        I solved it with a small php-script under a button

        $documenttype = "<Documenttype>{documenttype}</Documenttype>";
        $handle = fopen("c:/test/test.xml","w-");
        fclose ($handle);

        it writes a test.xml in map c:/test with the content of $documenttype
        Ok I have to add a xml-header etc
        But it works fine
        Now the other lines .....