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groupBy events seem to execute before breaks rather than after (v7)

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  • groupBy events seem to execute before breaks rather than after (v7)

    The attached image shows the summary view of a grid report that breaks by date/ salesman/ product (in reverse order). In example above, tester 1 -3 are salesmen whilst the products are blanked out

    Point (A) - For each date/salesman, onRecord event totals Remittances per Salesman up to that date. so for each record of a salesman for same date, the Remittance column is same. So the total is calculated in Salesman_onGroupBy by the following code:

    {sum_quebra_Remittances} = {sum_quebra_Remittances}/{count_quebra};
    {sum_quebra_Diff} = {sum_quebra_Remittances} -{sum_quebra_Value};

    In Product_onGroupBy I have:
    {sum_quebra_Remittances} = '';
    {sum_quebra_Diff} = '';
    This is working perfect.


    Point (B) - On each date break, it is supposed to total Remittances for each salesman so in Date_onGroupBy I have:
    {sum_quebra_Remittances} = [totalremit];
    {sum_quebra_Diff} = {sum_quebra_Remittances} - {sum_quebra_Value};

    and also in SalesmanID_onGroupBy I have:
    [totalremit] += {sum_quebra_Remittances};

    Problem is that it is putting the sums in the wrong place e.g.
    sum of Remittances on 31/1/13 should be 100+26,000+10,00 = 36,100. But it puts zero in totals for 31/1/13 and then puts 36,100 for the next date which is 11/02/2013.

    On 12/02/2013, the sum should be zero but it puts 50,000.
    So the SC is printing break totals before the page breaks instead of after.

    How do I get the correct behaviour please?
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    Sorry, this is in v6 not v7.


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      Please contact our support regarding this issue. Our chat is active on workdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and our ticket system is always available.

      Bernhard Bernsmann


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        I have and there's been no solution after 4 business days so far.