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Add new record automaticaly in grid type form

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  • Add new record automaticaly in grid type form

    Hi, is possible add a new record in a grid for form master - detail ?

    When i insert a new record the master, it saves record and add a new record to detail. (without insert a record phisycs to db)

    for example a propterty autoinsert into detail or a macro sc_autoinsert('grid_detail');

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    Why should that be done ?
    You could add a new master without having something in the detail !
    What should be inserted ?
    Take an invoice for example:
    you create the master, and you have to insert the positions, so what´s wrong ?


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      I have an invoice (mater - detail).
      When an user insert a record on master, i need that SC insert a record on detail in buffer, so the user every time make a new invoice, do not clicked the button insert new on detail. (the idea is to speed up the process) an invoice always have at least one item.