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application does not fit to screen on my iPad

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  • application does not fit to screen on my iPad


    I have created new project using SC 7.1 and it is working fine at my PC.
    But when I try it at the iPad2 or iPad3 I realized that screen does not fit with application. And there is no scrollbars at the right or bottom also. So you can not even scroll it to use the application. (I am using LightBlue theme)

    Anyone faced this problem before, how can I fix this? At least I need scrollbars when application does not fit to the screen

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    nobody tries his application on iPad? Please help.

    Why scrollbars does not appear on I pad, and how can I show them?


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      I have just been testing my apps, which work perfectly on windows and android... but of course ipad I am having several issues I have noticed:

      1) as IBrahim has pointed out, there are no scroll bars (hor or vert) in any of my screens. This is true for containers.

      2) I am having a sc_redir failure when calling it from blank app - I do things like the following, which work fine in all other systems except ipad
      $glo_site_frame = "sitemenu_dko_iframe"; // for container inside button to target
      sc_redir('sitemenu_dko', "", "_self");

      This is on Safari on ipad 2.

      I am in SC6, so at-least the scroll-bar missing must be an old issue???

      What to do????
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        What can I say... Safari has some serious bugs. Hard to believe, but serious :-(
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
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          One thing I have done over the past few days is to make my menus all fixed width. It is acceptable for most of my system to be fixed, although I don't like to do it in all cases.

          What I noticed was on mobile devices, especially ipad2, I was getting some pretty bad screen formatting issues when I was running menus with widths set to 0 (the auto adjust mode). It wasn't even that the was any room on the screen for the menu and the iframe container... it didn't matter. If set that way, the various grids and apps inside the widgets would just get cutoff, etc. As you said, it must have to do with the way Safari handles scrolling. I did also notice some more minor issues with android, which I hadn't noticed before, so that is why I ended up with the fixed width solution.

          On a philosophical note, I have spent so much time wrestling with browser issues over the years (and mobile just makes this worse), wouldn't it be nice if we could have a universal browser test set, and then the stupid browser designers could do whatever they wanted (as they seem to do now anyway), but we would have a way to detect and adjust our code to their variations of implementation.

          Oh well, it is 12:32 am on a Saturday night and I am still messing with SC! LOL. So I may not be making any sense tonight

          Peace everyone,


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            We are creating software for the university of Groningen which needs to support all kind of pc's tabs etc. On IPad we found that at least you must keep the latest firmware. Currently we have had issues with modal forms which appear transparent on IOS. So popping up was removed. We have a very simple company style so the menu's wheren't an issue, neither the scrolling as we check our design and reallign if necessary. Every chain is as strong as the weakest link. Now on MacBook Air with the latest firmware we have new issues which are subject for investigation. The mobile world changes fast and I can understand that SC has problems keeping up. You can't have all kind of devices. But same goes for PC's. If IE doesn't work well I use Firefox of visa versa (chrome, safari, opera whatever). It's a fact that running applications in browsers are depending on the browser and since this is software too you might expect that things might not work as expected everytime. Look into the code of JQuery and find the browser depending code. If IE version x, IE version y, FF version C blahblahblah. A complete mess and even the HTML5 standard is not a standard if you look at current implementations.

            What I would advise SC would be to work in div's so that every div can breakout. This way applications will more easy be portable to small mobile devices. I.e. a three column design will break moving the not fitting column down below the last fitting column.
            Albert Drent
            aducom software netherlands
            scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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              The issue is a BUG in safari and chrome on ios. Chrome apparently uses the standard webkit on ios (thus it uses safari). Hence we get pages that cant scroll.
              One simple search for 'safari ios bug scrollbar disappears' tells a lot.. Sad tho since we want to support ipad/ipod/iphone/i whatever...