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change "New Button" in a grid link to form

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  • change "New Button" in a grid link to form

    how i can change the label of "New Button" in a grid lik to form???

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    Just select the button from the left menu (buttons) and change the label.
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      there is not the form buttons label to change


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        ther isn't a solution???


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          click on Toolbar, scroll down there are the list of all buttons, there you can change the labels of any button.

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            ther isn't for new button in a grid with link to form!!


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              doesn't matter, if it is the button you can change it the label,
              you will see the whole list there and find your appropriate button and change the label
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                There is no new button on grid toolbar


                I don't know where to change the label!
                I've tried changing the label of the new button in the form linked, but it didn't work. Any other idea?


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                  You cannot edit/insert records so that's why there's no new button. *But* if you have created an application link you can define to show a new button. I think the label will apear in the list then, but if not you can change it in the repository (language tables).
                  Albert Drent
                  aducom software netherlands
                  scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                    I am not pretty sure if I have the same problem - maybe I missunderstood marcov.
                    Tell me if I am wrong, but - You want to change the little grafic in the grid each line.

                    Thats - anyway - my problem. I did the following:
                    1) Use a Grid to show some data
                    2) bulid a Form with the same table
                    3) In Grid-App: Link, new link, using "id" as key,

                    So now everything is fine. I have a new field in the Grid. This field isnt be shown in "fields" - order inside Grid-App-Programming, and it isnt shown in "Fielpositioning" where I can move around the fields.
                    But on running the App, on the left side of the Grid, each line, there is a little Grafic. in my case it is a pencil
                    (Using SC 6, Using Theme ScriptCase6_Blue )

                    If marcov did a little bit else (on link->new link -> properties -> "Allow insert" he gets another Grafic (pencil is for edit, I dont know what ever is for insert)

                    So here is my problem (and maybe marcovs too)

                    How can this little icon be changed? I need another Grafic without changing this grafic in all other Grids I use.

                    Workaround for marcov: If you do not need this Grafic in any other form or grid, you can locate it using right mouse on running App, selecting something like "grafic info", it is in the _lib-folder somewhere - and using your FTP to just delete grx and uploading your new one with the right name.

                    For me this solution isnt good, because I need this pencil in a lot of Apps - just this one grid needs something else.
                    So whats to do?
                    1. I thought this is part of the "Theme". So I made a copy inside SC from original theme ScriptCase6_Blue and changed it into ScriptCase6_Blue_2
                    (Idea was to use the new theme just in my one grid i need theother icon and leaving all other apps with original theme)

                    2. I searched ALL the theme configuration and didnt find the point where I can change the icon.

                    3. I thought: maybe it is part of the "Buttons" in layout-tool.

                    There i found my pencil, but just in "forms" and "Master/Detail" - section. Nothing in grid-section.
                    I copied this Button-set, too and changed the pencil grafix in my new button set anyway.
                    I found nothing how to "link" my new button set to a theme nor i found anythink to link it to an App.

                    4. I drunk some beer, because I am too stupid to change al little fu**** sh*** *** **** pencil into a new icon and used 3 hours without finding any solution
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                      I think if I change the repository, changes will be shown in all grids! and I just need it in one specific grid... anyway, I can't find any language table or something like that