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  • Button in Detail View

    Currently I have a grid view with a button that pushes data to FPDF to generate a formatted PDF report for a client. Is there a way to have a button (or something similar) in the record detail view so the client could be viewing the record and output a PDF right from there? There is a built in PDF exporter, but it outputs a generic report where I need it to be customized. Possible?

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    Hi, you can use a new field and set it as html image. You choose for istance an icon of 24x24 pixel like a printer.
    Then you have this new field on the last position of your detail record.
    To this image , on click event re_direct to your pdf report . In pdf report remember to add at the end of sql a WHERE condition that for istance takes the ID of the detail record where you are positioned . WHERE id_field_of_table = [id_of_detailed_record]. In this way your pdf report will print only the right page and not all pages.... Bye