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    Hi -
    I have a Gantt chart that I am generating in the first window of my project. The grid application is called, and I am using nm_gp_move to redirect to the Gantt chart. It is generating properly.

    My first question: where do I change the title - or remove the title - from the chart? I have tried all "Layout" options throughout the grid, but that does not seem to affect that chart. It is currently showing the app name as the title. I did not see the title as one of the options I can pass via nm_gp_move.

    Second question: what format does the "Percent Completed" data need to be in? I can't seem to get any of the colors to change based on the field. Does it need to be .25, 25, etc. What triggers the color change in the chart based on that Percent Completed data? How many color changes are there? Of course, I am assuming that the bar changes color based upon the Percent Completed data.

    Thanks for any thoughts on these!

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    I figured out that the Percent Complete is looking for numbers such as 25, 50... It also appears the bars do not change to different colors, but rather it is a progress meter. The progress meters don't seem to be very accurate, and rather small on short beginning and end dates.

    Still looking to change the title on the Gantt chart if anyone can help with that.



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      I just finished to search a lot for changing the Gantt chart title but no way.
      The only and very bad possibility is to rename the grid name as "Title_of_Chart_Gantt_that_I_like". ;-(


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        I'm having the same issue. I tested it in the project manager demo. I don't see any option to change the gantt chart title. In the demo project manager the gantt chart is being displayed by the grid_tasks grid application located in the root folder. If I turn off the header in the app layout, the gantt chart disappears and shows only the grid instead. It would be nice to shut off or change the title of the chart. "grid_application_name" looks pretty bad on top of the chart.
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