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How to fetch multiple values

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  • How to fetch multiple values

    Good evening,
    I have a grid (1) with a list of subjects (say people), based on a table. Another table (2) contains fields for Postcode, City, State.
    Table 2 is editable by another grid.
    What I need is having a link in grid 1 that let me SELECT one of the rows in table 2 and then UPDATE the values (Postcode, City, State) in grid 1.

    Something like fetch (capture link from one of the field, fetching the related variable), but getting back ALL the fields.

    Thanks in advance for any pointing to right direction!

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    First create an application link on the field postcode. Second create an onchange ajax event on the field postcode. In this onchange event you do a sc_select on the keyfield. Then with the retrieved data set all the fields in your form.
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      I did it just before reading your reply, but thanks sincerely!