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Came Back from a Blank to a Grid

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  • Came Back from a Blank to a Grid

    Hello everyone, i have a problem to be solved with a grid:
    i have a Grid (with image fields and text) with a list of records and several pages.
    On some pictures i've added a link that calls a Blank when came back from Blank and return to the Grid, SC8 reopens me the Grid to the Page nr. 1.
    For example: if i was on page 3 and came back to the grid, i would go back to Page nr. 3 and not on Page nr. 1.
    What it is the correct way to came back to the Grid from a Blank ?
    I tried it in different ways, it is definitely the right way is:

    onclick='window.history.go(-1);return false'

    Sadly the Blank is a custom tabs that calls other Blank and i can not calculate the exact number of back history.

    Thank you for your reply.

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    The problem is that always onscriptinit is called and thus the select is retriggered. I can remember that this issue has been here before on the forum and that there was some kind of solution in javascript. Could not find it unfortunately.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
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      Aducom thanks for your response. I see to find a solution with Java.