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  • Drill Down a Graphic Grid

    Hi everyone!!

    I've made a grid that only shows a graphic. Actually it shows some amounts per week, I want to drill down to another grid (also shown as graphic) and I can't configure it.

    If anyone can help me would be great.


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    hi Diego, you will need to link your fields into the other gird

    assuming you have a matched field between 2 girds

    1- make the other grid ready
    2- create a link (field) from grid 1 fieldA to grid2 fieldA

    it is piece of cake in SC


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      Thank you for your answer.
      I'm new using SCase.

      I don't know where do I have to link fields into the grids.
      I use grid component but only show Chart Module, just to simulate a BSC.

      I've made 2 grids, from master grid I've tried everything but I can't reach child one.

      I've tried making a link from Nested Grid and also from Links making a new Field Link and capture link, but nothing happens.


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        from left side menus, Links, create new link, select field, and chose your match field between those 2 girds... once done see it will be in the first grid all fields in the gird that are linked will be clickable, click on anyone it will take you to the other grid.. i am not sure if this is what you want, because this is easy to do and you could figure it out if you reached to the capture link thing


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          I think my problem is that I'm not showing the grid, I'm only showing chart.

          Can you tell me if I can link directly from the chart???

          Chart SCase.jpg


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            yes you can do that too, in chart options: link to grid, it is there!


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              I've selected the option shown in the image, but I can't select the child chirt, I don't know where to select it.

              Link Chart.jpg


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                hmmmm your selection is ok, but isn't your chart based on a grid application? it should take you to the grid itself!

                what are you using? gid? and activated the chart? don't tell me you are using the new chart app!? that one seems independent, not based on a grid



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                  My chart is base on a grid application.
                  I'm using grid and at Grid Modules I've only activated Chart and as initial modulo Chart.
                  I've tried using the option "Create link to the Grid", in this case the cursor changes to hand one, but it reloads itself it doesn't go to the other application.


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                    activate the grid normally dear, try it first... then create a chart.... after that, re-make the chart as the initial view and link it back to gird.. i tried earlier and worked ok