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  • Transferring a project

    Hi ..

    After fixing my initial problem I have another that hopefully will be quickly resolved.

    Our server where we intend to run our Web app is on an intranet and so is not internet facing. So I bought two licenses for this tool. Over the weekend I was programming with scriptcase and backed up and copied MySQL db etc.

    Imported the db to our MySQL server here and Restored the scriptcase backup to this system here.

    The setup on both machines (directory structures, etc) are the same. But after rebuilding the application I get an error

    Error while accessing the database:
    Table 'in_database.tbl_agents' doesn't exist

    Is there a different procedure in copying projects from one installation to another ?

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    Re: Transferring a project

    So is it not possible to transfer a project or is the question too difficult? I actually paid for support on this product so where is it ?


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      Re: Transferring a project


      In order to move your applications to a new server, you can backup your project (options --> settings --> backup), and then restore on the new server.

      You can contact our paid support here. Our forum purpose is to SC users to connect with each other, sharing experience and solutions.

      If you run into any problem, please let me know.

      Bernhard Bernsmann