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Closing the browser window using a menu button.

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  • Closing the browser window using a menu button.

    I am currently not using a log-in menu. My main menu has a button labelled "exit". What I want to happen is at the "on click" event, the browser window/tab is closed.

    I see macros and javascript code to do this but where in my menu code can I insert this? I tried setting the Target to "leave"! but that didn't do anything.

    I did consider creating a blank screen with the code in it and making that the URL for the "exit" button but that does seem like a bit of fudge for what must be a common requirement.
    David Goadby, North Wales.

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    You can retrieve the item clicked exEcute event. Using sc_menu_item to know wich menu was clicked. Search for sc_menu_item in forum for samples, Im on mobile right now
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      Thanks for that I will try it.
      David Goadby, North Wales.