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Can't use database field for image printing

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  • Can't use database field for image printing

    First, I know sounds stupid, maybe I'm too confued

    1st line can output picture to pdf, 2nd line can't.
    If I text print out 2nd line to pdf, I can see $cell_datay_picture[$NM_ind] is same as what I declare manually in 1st line.
    I know 1st and 2nd line must be different, but I don't knod how to debug further, I just text ouput and see same.

    $url = "http://path-to-picure";
    $url = $cell_detay_picture[$NM_ind];
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    var_dump the variable after an before. Maybe datatype is different, but PHP should change as far as possible. I saw some strange behaviours using for example sc_sql_injection, maybe could be something similar.
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