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Start a 'Search' with a predefined criteria that can be changed

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  • Start a 'Search' with a predefined criteria that can be changed

    How can I start a 'Search' application (or grid with search) with a predefined criteria condition shown in the search that the user can change or complete for a more specific search?

    Thanks in advance..

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    I would like to know the solution as well.


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      In your App / Search / Events / onScriptInit:

      {yourSearchfield} = "yourCondition";
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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        by doing this :
        {yourSearchfield} = "yourCondition";

        it only shown in the search , can we ask SC to exucute the criteria ?
        is that posible the criteria set only for the first time ?
        Example, first load the application with the default criteria, when user 'Search' without impact by the default criteria.
        I'm stuck there.
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          Ok, too evident, thanks..

          For somebody how wants to know, this is how to set a datetime field for today:
          {datetime} = sc_date_conv(date('d/m/Y'), 'dd/mm/yyyy', 'db_format');
          But, how can I set specials? For example 'today' , 'yesterday' or a range of dates when defaults is for 'exact', one value, not a range..
          How can I set for a 'Double select' field?
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