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How to promote students in my school application

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  • How to promote students in my school application

    i am working on a school application in which i have a table called class which holds the name of all classes in the school
    and i have a table called academic_session which holds the school academic session.

    i have created a foreign key called current_session and current_class which are referencing the academic_session and class table respectively

    i want to create an action button that will promote student e.g from class3 to class4
    automatically changing the current_class field in the student_table.

    please any help, code sample or reference will be greatly appreciated.

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    hi, do you use the multiple records form for the current_class field which you want to change automatically? or something else? anyway, i think you will need to provide more information about this


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      Also, you need to indicate what database system for specifics? MySQL?

      Whatever it is, the foreign keys should have attributes for OnUpdate, OnDelete etc - and if set to CASCADE for OnUpdate the change should filter through any linked tables.