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Difference between form date type field and Sql type Text field ???

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  • Difference between form date type field and Sql type Text field ???

    Hi ,
    within the sample of Project Management present on each SC installation I got serious problem on sincronizing database and forms.
    All date fields are not recognize as SQL date field but as SQL text field.
    The form field display, due to this problem, only the date format yyyy-mm-dd .
    I did all test also modifying database , sincronize, resincronize in all way but the form remain always the same.

    Look at picture to better understand.
    I finished my fantasy and I can't show date in US way only becouse in europe is not so popular ;-) (not at all).
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    The date is showed in the format that your browser wants it. So if you have your browser in US mode then the date is shown in US mode.
    For example in forefox:
    In internet explorer it depends on your windows regional and language settings.


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      I never has has problem with date fields . If I create it on db and then develop something in SC it recognize it as date / SQL Date field.
      The anomaly is in the sample project management where on db there is a date field and on the form / grid you got a SC date field against a SQL VARCHAR.
      The browser can't have effect in this specific case.


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        Hi giovannino

        the problem is related with the name of the field. In this case "DATA" and assuming the database is Sql Server the name of the field is a reserved word.
        We had the same problem and a ticket is still open, but in the mean time i found a workaround: Ms Sql use bracket as standard identifier ( [DATA] ) but you can also allow the way that SC use :"DATA"
        It's a SqlServer setting.
        Giorgio Bravi
        Dolphin Software & Thinkware