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  • Text auto-complete field

    When inserting new records in a form, the user has to fill an auto-cmplete text.
    I noticed two annoying things:

    1) Uppercase does not work with auto-complete. Is is possible to show the typed text in uppercase ?

    2)The user must explicitly select (click on) the suggested text, even if it is completely and correctly write. Is it possible to avoid this ?

    The second one in particular is pretty boring for the user .


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    1) I don't understand what you mean. Why do you need to show the typed text in uppercase? Searches can be case insensitive, so the case used in typing should not matter.
    2) To avoid using the mouse, you can use arrow keys to select and then the enter key


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      1) Just cosmetic annoying having values stored in db only in uppercase. Forget about it.

      2) Let's try to describe: the user type and the suggested values appear . Once remains only one available value, it would be nice to have it automatically selected. Instead, if I do not explicitly click (or use arrow key, it is the same) , and press TAB , no values is selected. Perhaps I am missing some easy trick, settings in the application ?
      When inserting a lot of values in a row, it is pretty boring having to click mouse every now and then at each row .