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Grid header button with cart image / icon

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  • Grid header button with cart image / icon

    I need to create a button with a cart image to insert on header top of a grid.
    Is there a simple solution for that ?
    It's could be very similar to menu tab with image

    Anybody has ever tried to insert an icon image into a button ??
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    I finded something here ....
    But I really don't know what to do edventually...


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      I did a try as not tech using HTML on Label of button
      <img src="grp__NM__ico__NM__cart01.png"> Quoting Cart

      in this way it do not work but it do not give error (at list..) .
      I uploaded the icon 24x24 of a cart using Image management and then I've tried to use it directly.

      I suppose instead I have to use a path... in front of the name but I want it would be flessible from pc location to server.
      Need I use something like \img\grp__NM__ico__NM__cart01.png ????

      Do you think that it can work ??
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        For whom interested

        Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!
        After many test at the end.... something went out.

        On label of button {butt_desc}

        On Application language <img src="../_lib/img/grp__NM__ico__NM__cart01.png"> Quoting Cart

        And that's it !!

        Not so wonderful but enough for the moment
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