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Form reload on data change into database.

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  • Form reload on data change into database.

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a grid application which refresh its contents every 30 seconds irrespective to addition or deletion of data in the database table the gird is using. What I want to do is refresh the grid only when data in the table inserted, updated or deleted. I seen same post that solves the problem, but my point is how to reload ScriptCase grid that way.


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    What you want to do is to update an iframe on demand after updating another iframe? Or just reflect changes in the database from elsewhere? In the first situation you need to find the id of the iframe and use i.e. javascript to refresh this. I saw samples on this website but could not find it any more. But I'm sure it must be there somewhere. The second situation is very complex, because you need to have some kind of trigger. Then the refresh would be best. It's the way I do it, but if there are better options I would like to know.
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