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New error when execute a stored procedure

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  • New error when execute a stored procedure

    Hi, my program with SC was working fine, but now i get this error: a can't return a result set in the given context.
    This error is when php execute a stored procedure.

    Any idea.?

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    if i work with my app locally with connection to database from server in internet, it works fine.
    i was seeing this forum, but not response :,...277#msg-130277

    Has anybody any clue how to resolve this issue???


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      Maybe here? (hint google finds a lot)


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        Thanks you for your response, i was reading that forum, but my problem couldn't be fixed.
        I create other directory in my hosting and installed again my app. and this worked fine. i changed my database MYSQL(transactional) by MYSQL PDO.
        and it problem was fixed.
        now i can see that when a app run a select i am getting a message: ERROR Undefined offset: 0. i think that can be when i select records in a array.

        Thanks you rr for you help. I am very grateful with you.