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Improve performance of WAMPP application

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  • Improve performance of WAMPP application

    We have developed a transactional application using the WAMPP platform (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and we think it is somewhat slow performing. What can be done to speed up the response time and more specifically the processing time in the server to answer the queries faster and send the pages to the user?

    Thank you for your help.

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    It depends where your time is spend. Are your queries optimized? Do you need extra indexes? Do you have a lot of custom php and can things be improved there? Are your apache/mysql processes run with highest priority? Soo many possibilities... Hard to say.
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      Well, the application mostly makes calls to stored procedures and the sp take all the processing (joins, inserts, updates) I guess the things to look for are indexes and apache/mysql (this is where I guess more can be done to improve speed). Thanks for any additional info.


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        You can have mysql create a slow query log for you so you can see what's taking more than a certain number of seconds.
        If your programmers don't know how to proceed to optimize the queries, then you probably want to talk to someone that does, for example a mysql database guy. I know of a good one. Not trying to sell anything here, just giving options.


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          OK Thanks for the info. We'll take a look at optimizing queries.


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            Thank you aducom and asawyer for sharing your knowledge and tips. We started out optimizing queries and adding extra indexes. So far, it has been key to improve the performance.