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  • New video's on scriptcase

    For newbees (and for the future more experienced users on other projects) we have started 5 minute Scriptcase tutorial videos. Instead of showing all individual options in scriptcase we started to build an application which people can follow and try to build after watching the video. We are currently creating a personal document manager. In this document manager you will be able to store digitized (scanned) documents.

    In every new tutorial we will enhance the features and will use more wishles and bells showing how to do things. Be aware that we are not native English, but Dutch ;-)

    If you are interested you can follow the video's at: -> scriptcase -> video's

    There are currently 3 video's online, the next one will be published next week.
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    Thanks so much Albert. We are waiting for the next tutorial.
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      That's really helpful for newbies like me! Thank you so much, Albert!