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  • My ScriptCase Dream

    SC7 is now completely redesigned around the popular framework Bootstrap
    Now your WebApp are Responsive Design !!

    And more, when you create a new project you can choose from built-in authentication mode or a native integration with some popular CMS like Joomla 3.x

    Ops.... i'm dreaming !!!

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    Re: ScriptCase 7 RELEASED

    Starting a Hoax on this forum ???


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      I totally agree with blondie63 and Florus, it should be mostly a graphical cleaning SC, that can create templates based on Bootstrap and provide higher quality projects ... Not remain a dream ... please ...


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        is a dream!!! i like this post!


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          add post in a suggestione folder


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            Nothing wrong of heaving dreams. But integration is a lot of cms's is not that difficult, and to integrate fully (including libs etc) is not likely to be expected as it would require an open source community to use scriptcase for their development. A real future for SC (and my dream) would be:

            - stop developing new featurs but first:
            * start fixing all the bugs
            * start a beta team
            * open up communication with what the devs are doing
            * open up communication regarding the buglist (I made some suggestions in the past)
            * no more new versions until the beta team is releasing it.]
            * a version control so that you can revert to older versions of SC in case things are broken

            - then (when this is all done)

            * concentrate on getting rid of the iframes and tables but start using div's
            * interproces communications between modules in a better way than hacking javascript
            * concentrate on mobile devices

            Now I've waken up ;-)
            Albert Drent
            aducom software netherlands
            scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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              i'm not so expert in php and SC as i'm a newbie with 1 year experience using SC. i still remember my first SC, i asked many questions via chat service. the only php knowledge comes from my 2 weeks short intensive course of php. then i bought SC :~p (lazy programmer...yes i am. i used to be a VB6 and .NET and it's really hard for me to bury my 20 yrs skill just to face the world has changed a lot and now is the web-based era).

              i don't know why now the SC chat support is missing. perhaps it's still available in several packages and i just don't know which package should i choose when extending the service.

              but i do really enjoy having all the default appearance of SC forms and reports. it makes me very fast developing a web based app. and SC 7.x has mobile version (that's great) for menu. grid and forms seems look the same. but it's ok.

              i think my dream has been fulfilled enough by SC :~LOL. crossing the bridge from desktop application (LAN) to the web based application without problems.
              and here i am.
              -Iwan P-


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                What would be nice is a better idea of the developer's roadmap. We can speculate and dream, but is SC working towards any of those things. I just got the news email about 7.1 and the threading sounds great, but I had no idea that was in the works. It takes a lot of time to develop a system like SC, so these are not surprise decisions they are making. If current users had some idea about what to expect, it would help build brand loyalty, and attract new users as well.

                I like a lot of things about SC... but it does seem like fixing bugs and getting rid of iframes should be #1 and #2 priorities



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                  Joomla ScriptCase library (event) and ScriptCase use in applications in use Joomla component or module I made. Plugin Joomla also provides transmission Dual I login.

                  The APPLE Doğuhan
                  Joomla! Developer


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                    I agree with Albert, first fix the buglist

                    new features :
                    -- a good code editor with sintax debugger, etc
                    -- connection scope only to server (app connection dinamyc to database on server using session variable) select ...... from "database_name".clients
                    -- easy integration with ireports



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                      Originally posted by doguhan View Post
                      Joomla ScriptCase library (event) and ScriptCase use in applications in use Joomla component or module I made. Plugin Joomla also provides transmission Dual I login.

                      The APPLE Doğuhan
                      Joomla! Developer
                      There is already a joomla integration for Scriptcase: JScriptcase. You can place a scriptcase application as module and component. It also supports dual login.
                      You can check it from: