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  • HTML Field

    I have a search application that is returning a field that contains a nicely formatted html page.

    This includes a table, etc

    Looks something like this:
    <p><table width="100%"><tr><td width="75%"><span style="font-size:14px;">1001 St Condominiums<br>1001 Saint St<br>Baltimore MD 21202-2640<br><img src="Img/iconPhone.png" width="13" height="9" border=0 alt="Phone">(555)244-8880<br><br><br></span></td></tr><tr><td width="75%"><p style="font-size:12px;color:red;">ckey# 19394653</p></td></tr></table><hr>

    Is there someway to show this field at just one big html field?

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    Re: HTML Field

    You can create a custom button that opens a new (popup?) window to show your html code in html format.


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      Re: HTML Field

      I really want to be able to scroll from record to record showing the formatted html.
      Basically it's prettier as an html field than looking at the individual fields on the form.


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        Re: HTML Field

        I agree to asawyer13. Placing a button for an additional field is not helpful idea.
        May be I describe the problem from another point of view.

        using a multiline Text fild gives you the possibility to show some infos to the user,
        but if you choose html tags to format this info screen unfortunally the tags are shown.

        Simple example:
        foreach ($dataset as $used)
        {Info}= {Info}."start :".$used [0]." end :".$used [1]."</br>";
        Info is an multiline text field. The array dataset loaded in $used gives its start and end points to this text fild.
        I order to make it easier to read a simple "</br>" tag is added.
        Here is what will be shown:

        start :2009-04-25 end :2009-05-23</br>start :2009-07-04 end :2009-07-18</br>start :2009-09-12
        end :2009-10-03</br>start :2009-11-07 end :2009-11-14</br>
        Does not look friendly to read.
        But, what you can do is, use the Multiline Text field as a LABEL. Here the HTML tags will be tranlated and you can
        format the text. BUT at the end, it does not help, because each SPACE you use starts a new line. I tested it with
        replacing the SPACES withe underscore "_" an got this result:

        a little bit better, but still not what it should be.

        You get what you want, using the HTML-Editor field.
        Everthing will be shown using HTML tags. But I did not
        found a working switch for switching off the toolbars yet.

        Best regards



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          Re: HTML Field

          A (very) dirty solution is this: put your html code in the label of a field (sc_label) and make the field itself readonly. According to documentation only possible in grids, so besides dirty probably useless as well.....


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            Re: HTML Field

            Thanks, now if there was a way to turn the toolbars off, then maybe I could make that work.


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              Re: HTML Field

              OK, dirty or not. Easiest way is a small switch to a multiline Textfield, which lets it display true code or HTML.
              The example of switching to label was only given to show, that it is really possible (no question) but in a web
              enviroment, it should be a minimum requirement to show formated text using html, or am I wrong?

              Best regards



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                Re: HTML Field

                Found in Version 5 Multiline Text field:

                HTML Content Yes No The content of the field is HTML.
                happy X-Mass


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                  Re: HTML Field



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                    Re: HTML Field

                    yes, it is.

                    But why not in a form, just in a grid???


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                      Now (I'm using Scriptcase 8.1.032) just use Data-Type 'HTML-Editor' and mark the field as 'Read-Only' in 'Edit-Fields'.

                      But the
                      different setup between grid and form to do the same thing is confusing me.


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                        The look of a HTML structure can be enormously enhanced with CSS

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