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Accessing multiples sqllite database

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  • Accessing multiples sqllite database

    Since the application we are developing, which is on a Postgres database need to update sqllite database. This database can be repeated in several networked PCs.

    The number of PCs to upgrade, their names and their IP addresses are on the Postgres database.

    How I can deal with this problem, knowing that Scriptcase connections are established in the development phase and for this problem the connections to the sqllite database are dynamic?


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    Well I think that the problem is that you need to update the sqlite databases which are stored locally on networked pc's? The point is that you establish a connection while developing, but after deployment you need to set a new connection for that production machine. So if you need to rework a sqlite database then you can define this connection in your production environment. So development and production don't need to be the same. This db then can be copied to local networked pc's.

    Another issue might be that you need to have a licence which allows you to use sqlite. But if you only need to copy some data into a sqlite database I think you can do that too with a bit of raw php in an event. Does that make sence?
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