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  • Project Logo Question

    I'm new to SC and so far I think its a great product. But I have a question regarding the project logo. I changed the default setting to us a logo which I uploaded into SC but when I click run to test my application, the logo does not show up. Am I doing something wrong or am I mis-understanding what the logo field really is. I'm testing this on a calendar application.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Can anyone offer assistance with this?


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      The project logo is not used in your application, just in your ide. If you need this logo in your application you need to set this in the lay-out of your application. In general I start with a menu application and set my logo in the header. Then I use the application (in your case calendar) as the default application for the menu. That way - when you start teh menu - the menu with logo will be loaded and then your calendar application.
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