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Tricky question - is there a way to add tabs to a tab application on the fly?

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  • Tricky question - is there a way to add tabs to a tab application on the fly?

    Hi. I was wondering if it is possible using PHP to add or delete tabs form a tab application? So this would be at run time, not during SC development.

    Like how you can add menu items at run time?


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    adding menu items at runtime is done using a scriptcase macro. See the help documentation:
    sc_appmenu_add_item ("String Menu_Name", "Id_Item", "Id_Parent", "Label", "Aplication", "Parameters", "Icon", "Hint", "Target")
    This Macro adds dinamically an item to the menu.
    sc_appmenu_create ("String Menu_Name")
    This macro dynamically creates a menu item.
    sc_appmenu_exist_item ("Menu_Name", "Id_Item")
    This macro checks if there is a menu item.
    sc_appmenu_remove_item ("Menu_Name", "Id_Item")
    This macro removes dynamically a menu item.
    sc_appmenu_reset ("String Menu_Name")
    This macro reset the array used in the dinamically creation of a menu application.
    sc_appmenu_update_item ("Menu_Name", "Id_Item", "Id_Parent", "Label", "Aplication", "Parameters", "Icon", "Hint", "Target")
    This macro updates a menu item.
    sc_menu_delete (Id_Item1)
    This macro remove items of the menu structure.
    sc_menu_disable (Id_Item1)
    This macro deactivate menu structure items.
    This macro Identifies the application selected in a menu items.
    This macro identifies the application that was selected in the menu itens.

    Manipulating tabs is more difficult and there's no macro for them. I expect that it should be possible using jquery, but it requires a lot of custom code to achieve. Never have done or tried that. Perhaps somebody?
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