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Best procedure on a Win7 PC to stop a runaway SC situation

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  • Best procedure on a Win7 PC to stop a runaway SC situation

    Hi everyone,
    This is not a critical item, but a couple times this has happened to me and I am not sure if there is a good procedure for correcting.

    I have created bad SQL selects in the past , that have caused my whole SC app and IDE to just spin and lock up. This is an app running in the local test environment on my PC - stock SC installation on a Win7 PC.

    Once this happens there is no way that I know to stop the process, or at least I have never been able to figure out how to tell what process to die. My only recourse has been to do a PC restart, let everyting spin back up, and then start SC. Usually it takes a minute or so , then comes up with a message about killing another copy of SC (I only have 1 license of course). I do that, then I am back working again.

    Of course, if you are not smart enough (me) to fix the SQL code the first time, it is repeat the whole restart ;-)

    Does anyone know what could be done from task manager to restart the processes involved, or is this just something I have to do? Again, it only happens when I have made a blunder, but it is annoying...

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    If the site is non responsive you can restart apache and/or mysql. Both app's you will find in the services menu. Just selectd apache and/or mysql and click restart. You'll find services in the control panel.
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      Also make sure that your RDBMS can't use all pc memory available. For instance, you can configure SQL Server to only use 1GB of our memory.

      Bernhard Bernsmann