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    Hi, I am using the application on Intranet using WAMPSERVER. I need to send a warning message to all terminals when there is an upgrade of the application. Is there anyway to do that from the application?

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    Not sure what you want to do. Do you mean SC? Or the application build with SC? In general you cannot push messages to your customers with any webserver. It's a protocol where the client requests and the server serves. If you need something like this than I would setup the server to have an url to be redirected to your application. This url-in-between can point to a message while updating and set back to the original after update. Is that what you mean?
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      Hi eliaskho, if you want to use client/server funtionality you can use this alternative:

      WebSockets are websockets and im using this for Live Chat Support applitication, private chat, send messages and notifications to a department, to know who is online, to logout a user, close all sessions and update the software, license control .... all this created with scriptcase. Pusher is really easy to use and integrate, there is documentation and examples in their website.

      Note: Websockets and Ajax are not the same here is the difference Pusher its free to 20 users connections, you need to know about PHP and Javascript.
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