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    Hey folks

    Have a quick questions...
    I remmber last time I used the scriptcase example there was the possibility of an advanced theme editor...
    Has this been removed?
    I am wanting to edit one of the themes provided but the only option I have is the basic editor, ie the one with the black sidebar which has very limited options.
    Is there some other way of editing the theme templates?
    In the help file it mentions the possiblity of editing them with CSS, but am unable to find this:

    copy past from help file:
    In Themes using a CSS Editor is possible to create applications visualization standards. It is possible to create new themes or edit an already existing one.

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    hey no worrys found it....
    Just to note incase others want to know... u need to create a theme then save it, once saved it povides and advanced option with a load more edit options...

    Be good to dd this info to the help would of saved me some time!


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      Hello Jamie,

      I will forward your suggestion to our team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann