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Unable to search with new fields created in the grid

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  • Unable to search with new fields created in the grid

    Good morning ,
    As usual hope you can help me with an issue...

    I have a grid that must start as search... everything working OK except:
    In my grid I have created three fields to calculate some values based in some fields from my database...
    I need to use those 3 fields in the search, but I can't because they are empty when I do the search... Hope this make sense...

    In the event OnRecord I have:
    {total1} = {totalSent} / {totalBase} * 100;

    How can I use total1 in my search?
    I can see it there but using the debug mode this field is not in the query...

    Appreciate your help.


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    The search is generating a valid sql statement to lookup data in the database. In this case you have a value which is read on every record. That is *after* the search and these values are not part of the database structure. That's why you can't search on them. Of course you can do calculations in sql and depend your select on that. But you need to make your own searchscreen for that, as it cannot be generated as a part of the standard sc search afaik.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
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      Thank you Albert
      I'll create one on my own!!