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A modal window and padding/marging configuration

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  • A modal window and padding/marging configuration


    First, excuse me for my english because I'm french ! lol
    I'm a beginner and I would ask few questions :

    1. I'd like to know if it's possible to configure margin and padding in grid cells

    2. Is it possible to display a text in a form or a grid page which is not in the form, in the grid or in the footer and the header ?

    3. I have created 2 grids and a link between the 2 (Menu => Link => New Link). The 2nd grid is display as a modal window.
    I have specified the width of the 2nd grid as 100% : So the 2nd grid is as large as the modal window (Super !)
    But how can we do the same for the height so that the height of the 2nd grid = height of the modal window ?

    Thanks a lot
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    1. Afaik yes, look at the fields and then scroll down. The css section is there.
    2. Yes, but you need to put echo's on the right events. It needs a bit fiddling to find out what's best.
    3. The height is a pixel oriented size. That's an html issue not a SC issue. So you have to use the same height everywhere.
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      Thank you very much for all your answers !