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colored Frame arround nested grid

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  • colored Frame arround nested grid


    i have a nested grid in an nested grid (3 levels)

    element has n questions and questions have m answeres

    I would like to have different colours/or frames/or background in each grid to make it easier for the user to see in which level they are

    I tried to give the nested grid a different theme but in a gird (whithout header and footer) there seems to be no difference/effect

    What else can I do?

    Thanks rob
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    probably that has something to do with


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      The most easy way is to change the row color, but it does require some work. In the onload event you can use a macro to change colours:

      sc_field_style({My_Field}, "Background-Color", "Size", "Color", "Family", "Weight")
      This macro allows to modify the grid field style dinamically.
      Parameter Description
      Field Name
      Background-Color (optional) Field cell background Color
      Size (optional) Field font size
      Color (optional) Font Color
      Family (optional) Font family
      Weight (optional) Font weight
      Ex. 1:
      sc_field_style({my_field}, '#33FF99', '15px', '#000000', 'Arial, sans-serif', 'bold');
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        But it should work with CSS or?

        1) I created a new theme with realy fancy colours
        2) I changed the layout of the nested grid to the new theme
        3) when i open the GRID (parent) an then press plus the nested grid has the same colours like the parent
        4) when i open the grid - without a parent - the grid is presented in the NEW theme colours

        Is this on purpose? bug? ... Feature?
        thanks rob


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          I also tried your sugestion albert - I placed in "events - on record"

          sc_field_style({name}, '#33FF99', '15px', '#005634', 'Arial, sans-serif', 'bold');

          this works but .... I think that should be done with a style sheet -

          thanks for your help