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    At this moment I'm trying to work on a project with about 300 Apps and aMySQL database with well over 500 tables. I wonder if anybody has worked with projects and databases like this or bigger. The reason I'm asking is that it looks to me that SC chokes on the data in so many places. I'm not sure is it only me, does it have anything to do with my browser, network speed etc. but I get lots of errors which seem to be timeout related, or related to the memory, cache etc..... (who knows what else). Anyway, I noticed that when I'm working on relatively small projects everything works much better. I hate to divide my project on smaller pieces as I think it is still not as big (I've seen projects with 900 tables on some other development platforms...).

    The bottom line question:

    I have a feeling that SC has problems with large projects.
    I would like to know what sizes you guys are dealing with ?

    -number of tables ?
    -number of Apps ?

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    Hi Arthur, I have worked with scriptcase since 2008, we have a project with about 500 apps and another with about 400 apps both in the same database(SQL Server). The database size is more than 10 GB. So SC has not problems with large projects, but large projects need our atention with server app configuration, queries optimization, server hardware upgrades. You need to monitor your enviroment to realize what do you have to do to improve performance.


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      where was you SC IDE installed, when you worked on the project ?



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        On a linux server, debian. I am still working on this project, bug fixing and upgrades..


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          I have several large applications, but only one over 300 apps. Issue is always the number of tables, sometimes we must use a filter to improve performance. That's useually an issue with the Oracle database. But besides that everything works ok. Running on Windows server.
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