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  • Horrible documentation...

    Bought scriptcase some months ago... documentation is like kid is made it.,.... only intuitive samples... even not shown how to count two fields...

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    Great support!!!!!!!!!


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      I agree that documentation is not very good and/or complete, but, if you explain what you are trying to do, could be better.

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        It's not a secret that the docs aren't good. Just a simple query on this forum would reveil that. But we have a great community so drop your questions here and we'll be glad to answer.
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          I just wonder why NetMake doesn't seem to care.
          E.g. I've been trying to find out the scope of the sc_ajax_refresh_macro since the day I bought SC... :-)


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            A have wery simple project, but hawe to complete it really fast, so i hawe to count two field values and minus one...

            field1 | field2 | field3 |

            using this sql query in dynamic field, that is not in database

            SELECT (field1+field2- field3)
            FROM Tablename
            ORDER BY somefield

            as result i receive data from all fields, in case if set some count variable, it displays error

            please help, can even pay for consulting

            thanks a lot!


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              I'm not sure I follow you, but if it's a grid app you can skip the calculations in SQL.

              Create a field inside the grid app (Fields -> New Field) and in the onRecord event of the grid add this line:

              {field-created-in-your-grid-app} = {field1} + {field2} - {field3};
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                I agree iviks!

                I've recently purchased it and finding it very frustrating to learn. Most of the responses from the support team have not been intelligible English or they have misunderstood the question, even when I've included multiple screenshots clearly outlining the issue.
                Then searching for commonly used words or macros in the Online help comes up with zero results, or messages in
                Surely, they could employ a natural English speaking person or two to provide better support and improve the online help.
                I'm almost regretting my purchase now.

                Looks like the best support will be here in this forum...thanks aducom and other members for helping others out