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  • Jasper and excel

    Hi everybody,

    We, in my company, are working in an application with SC7 and Jasper Reports.
    Integrating then for pdf works fine.

    However we are having problems trying to export that reports to excel.
    When we try to export a blank screen appears.

    Have anyone experiencie with exporting to excel?

    Thank you in advance.

    PD - is Jasper the best way in this environment to hava nice reports?

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    Since you can use PDF, I don't think there is anything related to SC.

    Might be you need to check specific settings on the report or the program code. Construct different output need different option.

    BIRT example:
    case "pdf":
    $fmt = new java(" Option");
    case "xls":
    $fmt = new java(" ion");

    Hope this help.

    BTW, is it easy to integrate Jasperreports in SC ?


    Almond Wong
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      I didn't tried yet but there are a lib to interpret jasper files from PHP. Phpjasperxml AFAIR. There are a thread on this forums about it. (I'm on mobile and lazy to search on thus forums :P)

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