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[SOLVED] Issue when exporting then importing project

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  • [SOLVED] Issue when exporting then importing project


    I am trying to copy my project in oirder to make a copy of it connecting to its own database.
    I use Scriptcase 7.01.0021.

    As connection I use MSSQL Server Native SRV.

    I proceeded like that:
    - From project 1, I made an export of all applications, then downloaded the zip file
    - Now, I close this project 1.
    - And I import the new project. In fact select the zip file, and then gave it the name project 2.
    - When import is finished, I load this project 2, and change the database connection. Connection name stays in fact the same as under project 1, as I cannot change it. But I change the db name, username and password to the 2nd project.
    - Now on development environment, I am able to properly connect to my dB (project 2).

    - Then I deploy my project to my live environment (in fact on the same server).
    - When I am connecting for the first time, I am then requested to set my connection.
    - The connection name is the same as on project 1, but anyway, I set connection details for project 2.
    - I exit the admin part, and go to my login page

    - Here my problem is now, that I see data from project 1, and not project 2. But I was properly setting up the conection details of project 2, and not project 1.

    What is wrong here?
    Or how can I rename the conection in order to have it totally different from project1?
    As I tried under the development environment to delete the connection which is named as project 1. And then recreate a new connection as project 2. But, then I am not able to connect to my DB on development environment for project 2.

    Please help me, as I need to set this second instance of project for another customer, and I am already late!

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    in you project you can create a new connection and then delete the old connection. Then go to express edit and define your new connection. Then regenerate and deploy again.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      THX for your help.
      This solved my problem.