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I need to call an SC generated app from somewhere else

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  • I need to call an SC generated app from somewhere else

    Hi. I have to specify the URL for an SC generated app, and the other service is supposed to return a value via a POST. I can't seme to get it to pass the variable. Is there anything I should be careful with when specifying the URL?

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    another question. If I simply want to call a PHP file on its own, could I just upload it as a library and access it from the web. It would not be used in a generated file.


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      I call SC apps from elsewhere, i.e. from my cms. Nothing special about that, except that if you have security on you need to pass the logon page. Passing vars to it simply requires you to use $_GET in your init section.
      I guess you can upload a SC application as a library. In fact it's the same thing?
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        Thanks Albert,
        Your reply reassured me I wasn't crazy. Turned out I was confused about the vars - mine were getting passed in as $_POST. It was a blind processing php page, being called from an external service, so what I ended up doing to debug was to write to a file system log file:

        file_put_contents( 'debug.log', 'whole post='.var_export($_POST, true), FILE_APPEND);

        This put a debug.log text file into the folder of the same name as the app that was being called. I was then able to slowly add more debugging lines until I could see clearly what was coming over. I was trying everything I could to debug it as an SC issue when it was operator error LOL.

        Hope this helps others in the future