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About using Samples Project to start building?

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  • About using Samples Project to start building?

    I am new to ScriptCase since I purchased it last weekend. I’d like to ask about creating the new project. Last night I had been looking and “playing” with the ScriptCase. I noticed that when I selected the new project with “Blank” project so creating the new database is not working. I select “Sample” project then creating the database is working.
    So, I’d like to ask question and see if I am correct… I select the “Sample” project and rename the project and remove some of forms, grids, appliances, etc which I don’t need for building the website system. Is that correct? There’s smallest problem… the forms and grids don’t have the names, most of them has blank names, but just file names. I guess I have to rename them after I open (or run) each file. Tell me if I am doing right or not?

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    To see how to create a project you can consider looking at the video's on
    If you want to create a demo project you need to select the demo on the left side. Then SC will ask you some questions regarding the connection and then generate the project for you. But you don't need to start with a demo unless it contains a lot of what you want, like a webshop.
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