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SC8 Video Looks Promising and Cool

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  • SC8 Video Looks Promising and Cool

    Hi everyone,
    I think I was the first view on YouTube of the SCV8 news video -
    It looks really really promising to me.

    I am most interested in the mobile adaptability features. I currently have to do a bunch of coding and CSS games to get a decent mobile version of my systems, so this could be a big productivity booster for me. I am sure it could help propel SC to greater sales too.

    I have some questions in case SC staff read this and maybe can share with the group

    Q1 - will the mobile stuff work on apps other than just form and grid apps? Especially controls are critical.

    Q2 - is the device detected available to us as a global var - and can we override this? I have found, especially with some high resolution tablets, that sometimes it might be better looking at web-versions than mobile or visa-versa. Also, it would be nice to give users a way to select web or mobile sites - and if it were globally avail and changable by our code, we could do that.

    Thanks and good luck SC!

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    Very good. I am very exciting about this version.


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      i cannot wait. hope the trial version will be released soon


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        anyone knows when it will be released exactly?


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          No, the betatest hasn't been performed yet. There's a webinar next wednesday. You can subscribe and ask questions to Marcia.
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