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SC8 Duplicating character entries when dynamic serarch is activated?

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  • SC8 Duplicating character entries when dynamic serarch is activated?


    Has anyone run into this issue?

    My form fields are duplicating a character on every key press.

    The problem is somehow linked to "Dynamic Search" ?

    If I activated "Dynamic Search" in the toolbar then the problem starts where every character entered into a field gets repeated so you type the letter "A" once but you get "AA" in the field.

    If I remove "Dynamic Search" from the toolbar all fields act normally when entering data.

    I tested this on both a brand new V8 form and my converted V7 form and both acted the same way.

    I initial thought it may be some sort of conversion bug but thatís not the case?

    The support guys here at Scriptcase just tell me its my IIS causing the problem but I find that hard to swallow. It just seems like always they like to deflect any issues.

    I just want it working so any help is greatly appreciated.

    I've even attached my SC_Diag file if it helps.
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    Has there been any movement of fixing this dynamic search feature?

    Its been advertised as a main feature of SC8 but it duplicates field character entries?

    SC support has said it knows its a bug but they don't fix it.

    Any insight on this issue?


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      Can you please check that again? I think it was already corrected in the past release.
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        I have the same problem at this time , my scriptcase updated version is 8.1.064 , please help ...


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          I have found in changelog that the bug was fixed in 21-08-2014 v8.0.005 , but I have bougth scriptcase in 2015 , how I can apply this fix ???