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Converting projects from version 7 to 8

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  • Converting projects from version 7 to 8


    I manually updated Scriptcase 7 to 8, after project conversion tutorial done, my newly converted project is not showing on my "Open project" page neither on my Scriptcase 8 folder which is located in c:/Program Files/Netmake/v71/scriptcase8, I also have a scriptcase (version 7) folder in there.

    To be more simple, I can't open converted projects in Scriptcase 8 even if it tells me "conversion successfully done", the app folder within my scripcase8 folder is empty, the open project page is empty too.

    I can still open them with sc7.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I think that your installation went wrong. Normally you would have a V7 and V8 SC directory. I suggest you remove V8 and re-install so that you comply to the 'normal' installation. Then you would have separate project directories. It should work well after that, at least it works here.
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      Hello aducom,

      Thank you for helping me, I re-installed Scriptcase 8 with the installer and it seems to work !
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