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  • Important question to net-make

    Can somebody from the company answer this question please.

    1. I would like to know what are the plans (if any) to allow us to build/modify screen templates. The existing editor is pretty much useless and needs to be replaced with some other solution.
    Personally I would tend to open SC for integration or better yet: Mockup Builder or similar), so the pre-designed template can be easily imported into the for/grid etc.

    2. Are there any plans to make SC more open tool. So far no possible changes can be make, no integration with 3rd party tools, no even ability to import Code Snippets (which I have asked for this feature 2 yrs ago). I really need to know this because if SC remains so closed to the outside world (the SC SDK would be only a dream) I would have to look for some other solutions to get certain things done.

    3. Does Net Make plan to implement some kind of public bug tracking tool, so we can see what is fixed/in progress or still hasn't been fixed. Not having such tool causes lots of mess and bug reports repeated over and over number of times. This causes even more overhead for the company and wast users time. Tracking bugs through the forum is not a solution at all. There are plenty of open should not take more than half a day.

    Thank you
    Arthur Klisiewicz

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    Ad3: It's not from Netmake but as we are impatient we have opened our own Mantis for that. See

    Not from Netmake but on the other hand it's a start.

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    Albert Drent
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      just registered, and I'm really happy some body has done this. Great job Albert!

      now I would like to see NetMake answers to the other 2 questions