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  • "inform" addiction

    Looks like somebody in Net Make has an addiction to keyword "inform". It is everywhere, although it has completely different meaning from intended. It would be very appropriate to replace it (with keywords like: Select, Enter, Supply, Provide etc.).

    why do I really need to inform a database about something ?
    oohhh, perhaps the database is a person ?


    "Help files to be improved" ?
    woooow- the files need help (or perhaps the one who made that sentence?)

    " was your experience using Scriptcase" ?
    oh nooooo >:-(
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    In general Arthur, netmake is a Brazilian company and native Portuguese, not English. I'm Dutch and I think that I make similar mistakes. (Although the last mailing contained a very funny mistake I would never make ;-)
    I have been sending corrections to Marcia and she's very willing to change things so I suggest that you email those correction directly to her (sales at)

    I know that you could say that if a company is presenting himself as a world-wide player that they should at least get the language right, but on the other hand as a customer it's your own choice to buy products from them. My few cents ;-)
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Yes dear Albert - I know they speak another (beautiful) language, but.....
      Writing programs in English (while speaking another language is not an excuse - you know that. I have a software from Berlin/GERMANY and never ever have had any kind of language complains (that includes software, documentation, contacting support and website). We all know it is possible - it is just a matter of WILL !
      I also have software from RUSSIA, SWEDEN and POLAND. None of them have such language problems as SC, PERIOD! (of course I'm not complaining to you, ....just hoping Net Make can read this and do something).
      This for me is however a big mystery why they refused my help in translations and corrections after doing it for about 1 year.

      Marcia ? what's her email. I tried through Sky[e and she hasn't responded even once (well I forgot you're more important than me ;-)

      CHEERS - Arthur


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        The email of marcia is sales at scriptcase dot net as in my previous post. Be gentle to her ;-)

        I know that you are not complaining to me, but the language barier is not something of today, but is there a long time. I learned to live with that ;-)
        But I do supply fixes and so far, marcia changed all. If you make a nice list and do a kind request.... who knows ;-)
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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          Hi Arthur,

          I totally agree with you Arthur!

          That's the reason why it's very hard for me as a beginner to read and understand the software and documentation. Many things are confusing for me due to the poor English.
          So please NM help us newbies with correct English translations and docs.



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            I too have offered some help with the translation, but have had no response.

            Ideally they need to employ company who specialise in translations. It's on an ad hoc review basis (of the IDE and manuals etc) and not all that expensive. The first round of revisions would be the biggest - much smaller thereafter.


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              You do not need to hire the whole company to do translations. There is an easy way. If all SC messages, prompts, docs, etc this can be done easily. As far as I know big part of the SC language messages is already on-line available through their private servers. I know that because for some time I was working on translations. It would just require to put the rest (i.e DOCs, website etc.) and ask some SC users to help. This is no-brainer, and I know many people will do this either for free or some incentives in form of free upgrades or free license. Another way to go is simply hire some English speaking Philipino guy (some of them are very professional but inexpensive) and have that person to do the proofreading.



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                Originally posted by aka View Post
                ...Another way to go is simply hire some English speaking Philipino guy (some of them are very professional but inexpensive) and have that person to do the proofreading.

                You are absolutely correct (except it is Filipino not Philipino).

                In the case of my company, all of our software engineers are required to be fluent in both conversational and written English (with at least 8 years of academic study in English).
                This is the standard in most software development companies in the Philippines.

                As a multinational corp, we consider this a requirement because of the marketplaces that we sell into.

                In English, we refer to this as "Professionalism".

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                Dave Prue
                Code Whisperer
                Lahar International Corp


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                  Just to be clear. By "hiring a company" I did not mean a whole company. There are companies who offer translation services and they assign a person (or two) to translate whatever you want for a fee.

                  Yes - if users will help (for free and / or incentivised) then great.

                  Either way it is not that expensive (especially the 2nd option) and is a no brainer if the Product is to appear professional / non-amatuer-ish. Increased sales would likely outweigh any costs by a long way.


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                    Actually the language problem is also present in the paid support service.
                    Depending on who answers your ticket understanding each other can be a nightmare ...
                    Massimiliano Campagnoli


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                      once again to make this clear: I WAS INVOLVED PERSONALLY IN THE SC TRANSLATIONS (no charge). AT SOME POINT Carlos L. (from NM) sent me a message informing they will not use my help anymore. I'm not sure what was the background of this decision (I think I was doing pretty god job, being in IT for around 35yrs, although English is not my native language). Now you make your own judgement and conclusions.